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Meet Michael van Amstel – Our new Salesforce Consultant

“It’s quite difficult to make things easy”

Talent Peaks is growing fast. We are happy to announce that Michael van Amstel has joined the family. Energetic as he is, it feels like he’s been around forever. High time we introduce him in this blog. Let’s ask him some questions.

What will be your role at Talent Peaks?

As a consultant at Talent Peaks I will optimize processes, design customer journeys, implement apps and make data valuable. I like to focus on complex challenges while trying to come up with relatively easy solutions. I am interested in the analytical and technical aspect of digital transformations. Moreover, I am looking forward to and eager to contribute to projects abroad.

Recruitment meets business intelligence

I started with a BSc Economics and Business, and subsequently graduated from university with a MSc Finance degree. The combination of wanting to continue studying and not wanting to work full time yet made me decide to do another degree: MSc Business Economics (the brand new ‘Neuroeconomics’ track). In the meantime I participated in the QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) programme for which I have been on exchange to Shanghai and Tokyo. Two cities that are completely different and absolutely an adventure to live in! During my studies and the year after I worked in a recruitment organization in the Salesforce/Business Intelligence department. The working culture was outdated and too hierarchical in my opinion. Together with their approach to not comply with any coronavirus restrictions made me realize it was time to move on.

“Within only a couple of weeks I started projects and was granted the freedom to take ownership and make impact for customers.”

Looking for fun and a steep learning curve

I started looking for a new challenge in consultancy, a steep learning curve and just a job that involves lots of fun too. The culture of Talent Peaks was exactly what I was looking for. The company embraces change and innovation, is very flexible, and the social aspect is a very important factor as well. To be able to work wherever and whenever you like, is an important factor to me. This enables me to travel and plan my days as I like. Personal growth and development, and the well-being of the employee is key to Talent Peaks. Attending training sessions and obtaining certifications is common practice. These are all things that make me feel at ease and valued. I am very excited to be a consultant, solve lots of business challenges and have plenty of fun while doing this and growing further.

“I look at problems from a Salesforce perspective but also from a Business Intelligence point of view.”

Combining Salesforce and BI knowledge

I will bring Talent Peaks lots of positive energy, fun and a fresh view on existing questions. Plus my years of experience in the recruitment industry in which I worked with Salesforce very extensively but also did many Business Intelligence projects. This enables me to look at problems from a Salesforce perspective but also from the Business Intelligence side. Additionally, my neuroeconomic interest is an asset in a working environment in which it’s key to understand user stories in businesses and/or enterprises.

Translating wishes into solutions

Thanks to my education I love focusing on the quantitative side. Participating in the QTEM programme as well as choosing the more quantitative track during my Master’s degree contributed to developing my quantitative skills. I can translate the challenges and wishes of a customer to technical solutions, even when they get very technical or abstract. I maintain an overview of the project while working out the details. 

Looking back on the first months

It has been a great start of the year so far! Strange to say that it was also the start of working remotely for me. Getting started, getting to know the company and colleagues is more difficult during a pandemic. But I think Talent Peaks has been very successful in guiding me through those first weeks. Within only a couple of weeks I started projects and was granted the freedom to take ownership and make impact for customers. These range from doing small configurations for different customers to replacing one of our former colleagues in one of our largest projects. Furthermore, Talent Peaks encourages one to obtain certifications, which is exactly what I finally started with. Lastly, I feel the desire of the whole Talent Peaks’ team to go out and meet each other again during those, I’ve heard, “epic” gatherings. I can’t wait to be part of those too!

“The many experiences abroad have only increased my hunger for more adventures.”

Meet the man behind the professional

I was born and raised in Amsterdam and still live there. I would say I’m an adventurous and energetic person who likes to be challenged. Challenges not only related to work but also in sports or travelling. 

I am a big fan of many different sports but swimming is the most pronounced one, since a long time actually. The many competitions were too time consuming when I started studying so now I train to stay fit and hang out with friends after training. Besides swimming I like futsal, (water)skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, playing squash and a challenging long biking trip once in a while. Probably almost any sports that’s fun and in which I feel challenged. 

One of my other active hobbies is travelling. Far away and experiencing different cultures is what I enjoy most. The many experiences abroad have only increased my hunger for more adventures. 

Besides that, in my free time I like to be on a boat, have drinks with friends, go to festivals and parties, make motorcycle trips and do plenty of other fun stuff. I believe one should enjoy life along the way instead of postponing it until a later time.

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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