Meet Ilona van Haandel: new consultant @ Talent Peaks

Ilona in one word: inquisitive!

Wow, Ilona has been with us for over two months already and we didn’t have the chance yet to introduce her properly to you. Time to do something about that! So, here she is: meet Ilona van Haandel, our newest Adapt & Implement colleague. We’ve asked her some nosey questions so you can finally get to know her. Here we go:

Ilona, could you describe yourself in one word?

And what will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?
‘Asking a lot of questions! I will be working on projects within our adapt and implement propositions, and for both types of projects I believe asking the right questions will improve the quality of the work we deliver.’

What will you bring Talent Peaks?
Fortunately, the companies I worked for provided me with opportunities to develop various skills; mostly in the areas of talent acquisition and process management, which are two themes that I am very passionate about. Also, I like to think that my critical but supportive approach enables me to challenge the people I work with, which will hopefully lead to solid advice on processes and toolings for our customers.’

Tell us one thing we really need to know about you:
‘I am a huge booklover! At home I have a bookcase, categorized by genre, writer and publish date. In my free time I really enjoy reading new books, or re-reading some of my favorites. It makes me really happy to see that my kids (5 and 2 years old) share this passion (at least for now, hopefully it will stay that way!). They both use part of the space in their toy cabinets for books, and are always asking to be read to.’

And your motto is?
Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet’ (Dutch expression, meaning: who does good things to others, will receive good things in return).

Great Ilona, thanks for the introduction. We always love a good challenge and your questions sure make us reconsider already. Good luck, and don’t forget to tip us on some good reads every now and then!


Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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