Meet Erwin Oosterhuis: our new consultant

Erwin in one word: Enthusiastic!

Meet Erwin!

New colleague in the house! We are happy to introduce Erwin to you. Just like Natascha, he started working at Talent Peaks on the 3rd of September, so let’s introduce him! With a background in Marketing Intelligence and Global Business & Sustainability, he decided it was time for an adventure where he could apply both his analytical skills and his business skills. After he experimented with machine learning and statistics, he wanted to learn how to analyze data and shape it into knowledgeable insights.

Erwin in one word?


What will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?

‘I will be focussing primarily on our Analyze-proposition and helping my Talent Peaks colleagues with finding the right data-driven answers to the right questions. I love diversity, and therefore Talent Peaks gave me the opportunity to support the Implement and Design propositions as well!’

What will you bring Talent Peaks?

‘I worked within different organizations as an online marketeer and experienced all aspects of online marketing, which made me completely adopt the online ‘mindset’ (thinking in funnels, steps, rates and processes) – key in the digital transformation. My Master Marketing Intelligence taught me how to be a wizard in calculating answers to specific business questions (such as ‘which personal characteristics significantly add to the likelihood of staying in an organization?’ or ‘which marketing actions increase the likelihood of a candidate applying for a job the most?’). To prevent becoming too occupied with numbers and data only, I studied Global Business and Sustainability as well. This helped me develop a qualitative, creative strategy-based way of thinking, which is needed to structure (online) candidate journeys.’

Tell us one thing we really need to know about you?

‘I love to read about philosophy. What is better than to guide your life with the advice of thousand-year old philosophers? I am especially interested in stoicism and regularly think about how I can use their advice to live a better life. Besides that, I love to be active: I spend my vacation days windsurfing, I walk around the city with my analogue Praktica and visit museums.’

And your motto is?

‘Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.’

Thank you Erwin for introducing yourself and welcome to the Talent Peaks team!

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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