Emiel Hartog: Business Development Manager

‘Enjoy life and get the most out of it while being relevant in everything you do’.

We are very proud to introduce Emiel Hartog, Talent Peaks’ new team member and Manager Sales & Business Development. Emiel knows Salesforce inside and out. His mission will be to develop our business and advance our added value for customers. Let’s get to know him.

What will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?

My primary focus will be further developing our consultancy business in the Netherlands, mainly in the Professional Services and the Media Industry. Besides that, I will advance new concepts that add extra value for our customers. One of the things I already started, is developing an end-user training concept which focuses on increasing adoption and usage of the Salesforce platform.

Why Talent Peaks?

I first engaged with Talent Peaks in my Salesforce time. Several customers served by me and my team chose for Talent Peaks to become their implementation partner. During these implementations I got to closely know the Talent Peaks team. Right from the beginning, I was very positive about the professionalism and the enthusiasm I experienced. My motto is: ‘Enjoy life and get the most out of it while being relevant in everything you do’. So I immediately felt connected to Talent Peaks’ core values; make impact by guiding our customers while having lots of fun.

I am really impressed by the way they make a difference in the day to day business of their customers. After working in corporate sales organizations for almost 16 years, it feels great to be part of a scale-up company like Talent Peaks. Here, I can make impact by using my entrepreneurial approach and mindset.

What about your professional journey?

So far, my career has always been in B2B Sales and Sales Management. I got my first ‘sales lessons’ in the copier & printing industry at Dantuma. After this useful and great experience I entered the telecommunication industry, for many years at Vodafone. Vodafone gave me the opportunity to become a sales leader.

A great experience. I learned to inspire teams by being a coaching people manager. After 10 years, I decided to join Salesforce as a sales director, and from there I got where I am today. I’ve been using Salesforce as an end user for many years, so I know from a customer’s perspective as well that Salesforce’s customer success platform truly helps accelerate your business.

What will you bring us?

Based on my business & sales experience so far, I hope to guide our customers based on my knowledge around sales (processes) and the importance of using a first class CRM system in a proper way. I truly believe that if you use technology in the right way and create the right level of adoption, companies will drive their ROI.

What makes you happy?

Balance in life is crucial to me. So besides having fun at work and achieving business goals, I love spending quality time with my girlfriend and son. On top of that sport is my biggest passion. I hope to finish my 18th marathon in Hamburg this April, and I visit many live sport events as a spectator.

Looking back on your first weeks? 

My introduction at Talent Peaks made me feel really happy. I spoke with most of my colleagues and I feel very welcome. It is also great to work closely together again with my former Salesforce colleagues. I really look forward to making impact for our customers and prospects and help them realize great projects!

Great to have you in the family, Emiel. Good luck and have fun, we are sure you’ll run the extra mile for our customers. We’re looking forward to seeing you shine in the marathons this year. You can count on us cheering you on!

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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