Meet Matthijs Kuiper, Salesforce Consultant

You’ll often hear me say: on Salesforce, everything is possible!

Tell us something about yourself?

I have been part the Talent Peaks Implement team for the past 6 months now. My main focus is guiding our customers on complex or multi cloud projects where we integrate clouds like Marketing (Pardot), Sales, Service on a single platform combined with Communities, AppExchange partners like Documill and SignRequest or custom integrations. A couple of months ago, we’ve changed our custom Salesforce development proposition and that’s something I also enjoy working on. You can also find me consulting in the solution design phase with my (pre) sales / business development colleagues.

Why work for Talent Peaks?

I’ve been following Talent Peaks on social media since the start up phase and even without having been in contact in person, I felt a positive vibe. Having worked with Joram, Frank and Martijn on projects in the past, I kinda knew what I could expect: a customer central, creative can do mentality. I’m not trying to sound too much like our beloved hashtag #doingcoolstuffwithcoolpeople, but since I started my professional career 16 years ago that’s basically what It has been all about and what I enjoy most. I really like the diversity in client portfolio, project challenges and solutions at hand to be creative in solving customer challenges and immediately experienced a great level of trust.

Could you tell us something about your career path?

When I was studying, I started my professional career having different roles such as Test Engineer (Quality Assurance), Software Development, System Administrator and configuring and implementing front- and back office solutions. All in all, I worked more than I studied. After getting my degree and some traveling, I enjoyed starting in Sales & Recruitment but I felt the inner urge to change my career path back to IT.

Some people called me crazy, but I quit half a year in advance, so I had a clear deadline for myself. That was about 7,5 years ago and since then I’ve been developing myself on the Salesforce platform. I worked with companies of all sizes whilst having had roles implementing, configuring, integrating and developing applications. Depending on the challenge at hand, I did either Project Management, Salesforce implementation or Solution Design and also enjoyed being part of an app development scrum team. I did so for a variety of specific purpose apps such as ATS, FMS, VMS and IT/Employee Service Management, while also learning and applying Salesforce Platform and specific cloud knowledge (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc).

You’ll hear me saying this a lot in projects: “On Salesforce, everything is possible.” 

What do you bring?

Having a broad background in both customers and projects via past roles, I hope to offer customers a best-of-breed solution for their challenges, guide them on their Salesforce path and/or help them integrate Salesforce with their system landscape. I know I’ll bring in my enthusiasm, can-do-mentality, organisation-sensitiveness and analytical, structured and targeted way of working to the table. I believe that only with a joint effort you can make a project successful.

Looking back on the first months?

I took a deep dive being immediately involved in two more complex implementation projects with tight deadlines. I had a lot of fun doing so and enjoyed the support and trust of my colleagues and my customers Aethon and SUSA flexibel studentenwerk. I look forward to advancing hand in hand with the Talent Peaks team guiding our customers on achieving their company goals using Salesforce technologies!

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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