Meet Martijn Brandse, CTO and Partner

“High quality development needs operational, technical and human intelligence”

 At Talent Peaks, we are ambitious and extremely dedicated in providing our customers with the best possible technological solutions on the Salesforce Platform. Therefore, we brought in a new pillar in our Management Team: a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the person of Martijn Brandse. Let’s introduce him.

What’s your role as a CTO?

Over the past few years, Talent Peaks has proven to be very successful in guiding our customers in their digital transformation by implementing applications available on the Salesforce Platform. Our consultants not only focus on making impact at the customer, but also bring ‘fun’ into the projects. Doing that, they make a difference by designing and implementing new customer and user journeys.

That’s going great and we’re doing a good job at that. But still, we sometimes dream of solutions, some custom built, some standard, that may shift the customer experience from ‘great to wow’. My role is to explore how we can expand our set of solutions to meet our customers’ needs in an even better way. Solutions, developed by Talent Peaks, that will run on the Salesforce platform. Built with modern development processes by a dedicated team of developers.

Being Chief Technical Officer, what’s your goal?

“My mission is to create solutions that will make impact for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our key driver at Talent Peaks. My goal is to create effective and user friendly solutions that are valuable for our customers, easy to implement and integrate, fun to work with and granularly designed, so you can start small and expand whenever you’re ready.”

What brought you to Talent Peaks?

“I have known my new co-partners Joram and Frank for quite some time now. We were colleagues at Connexys/Bullhorn and I look forward to working with them again. Together with Stijn and Pieterjan, they’ve built a wonderful company with a great culture. Every single one of my new colleagues has a good eye for quality, a drive for success and a pleasant way of collaborating with each other, with our partners, and with our customers. At Talent Peaks we have a ‘can-do’ mentality and I think that’s one of the reasons Talent Peaks is so successful.”

You were a Senior Salesforce Product Manager at Bullhorn?

“I’ve been working at Connexys/Bullhorn for quite some time in different roles. Since 2010 I worked as a Salesforce developer, implementation consultant, technical consultant and product manager. Besides being an expert in Salesforce technology, I also know all the ins and outs of recruitment processes in corporate and staffing environments.”

Why this career move?

“I love to build solutions from scratch to a working solution. For Talent Peaks, app development is a brand new strategy and I can’t wait to put things into action. High quality development processes need a combination of operational, technical and human intelligence all into one and I love that. It requires one to be inventive, sharp, flexible, thorough, cooperative and persistent. You constantly have to look for the right steps to succeed. It goes without saying that I will not work on my own. In good Talent Peaks tradition, as a team, we will closely work together with our customers to optimally align with their needs.”

Share your dreams and ambitions!

“I’d like to use this chance to invite all customers and Salesforce users to share their needs and wishes with me. Do you have a business problem that can not yet be seamlessly solved or do you have an idea for an app that will shift your business? Let me know! Perhaps we can co-create a pilot for a brand new application! Call me +316-21447636 or send me an email and let’s explore the possibilities.”

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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