LINKIT: Salesforce helps us getting better every day

Talent Peaks guides full IT-partner LINKIT in creating a powerful multi cloud environment

“We created an end-to-end platform, in which all our activities converge. In Salesforce, we now have a 360° view on customer and professional.”

LINKIT is a full service partner with three pillars: solutions, sourcing and education of high level (flex and permanent) IT-professionals for example in data engineering, software development, and cloud migration. Cornelis Lemstra, COO of LINKIT explains: “We are a knowledge-driven company that continuously wants to improve ourselves, our processes and our systems. We keep looking for new ways to increase productivity and efficiency and do things smarter. That is simply in our DNA.”

Customer and candidate centered approach

These are challenging times for all Staffing and Recruitment companies. A tight labor market, privacy regulations (GDPR) and changed legislations like the WAB (Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans), Wet DBA (Deregulering Beoordeling Arbeidsrelaties), COVID-19 … All this requires a customer and candidate centered, lean and compliant business approach. To make it happen, technology and data driven decision making play an important role. 

Full cloud platform

Cornelis: “A few years ago, we started our digital transformation. Precondition was, that we wanted to create a 100% cloud environment of which we had full control. No mishmash of all kinds of separate applications, but a smooth integration of high-end technology. The Salesforce platform provided all that. First, we started with the Connexys Recruiting System, which Talent Peaks competently implemented. Then, they integrated the ATS with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot Marketing Automation. At the same time, we migrated to a new website.”

Co-creating the Byner app 

“And now we are a co-creating and launching customer of Byner, a new App on the Salesforce Platform. Byner streamlines the management of professionals from contract to invoice by powerfully automating processing around contract management, assignments, resource planning & scheduling, time & expenses and onboarding & compliancy.”

Byner forms the linking pin, so marketing, sales, recruitment, and back office can now all smoothly collaborate. Plus, the app has smart features like document generation, e-signing and billing preparation, which make our work easier, compliant and first time right. For LINKIT this means a huge gain in terms of productivity and efficiency. “The customer is now the starting point of all processes”, Cornelis smiles.

In Salesforce everything converges

“In the past, we worked with Excel sheets or literally had to walk to the office cabinet to search in the many stocked files. Now, with one click, we have a 360° view of all relevant data. Plus efficient collaboration. Marketing initiates campaigns, events and generates leads of customers and professionals, and sales and recruitment can seamlessly take over in the same environment. Once contracts are signed, relevant processes are covered via Byner. Easy and transparent, all colleagues concerned have instant access to every piece of information they need. Just click on the customer file and you’ll see all opportunities, assignments, and invoices at a glance.”

Byner streamlines the management of professionals from contract to invoice so we can now all efficiently collaborate on one platform 

– Cornelis Lemstra, LINKIT

Tailor made applications

“The thing is”, he says, “many companies buy a system and then keep it unchanged for many years. We want to keep improving. Quality and compliancy are key to stay on top of the game. Next year, we just might handle things just a bit differently again. And surely we will have new, tailor made applications that help us serve our customer even better. Furthermore, I expect a lot of developments like Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics. Not only for ourselves, but also to guide our customers in new developments.”

Boost your own digitalization now

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Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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