Recap HR Tech Amsterdam 2017

Combining Talent & Technology.

It’s been almost two weeks since HR Tech Amsterdam took place. And we had the privilege to present ourselves with our own stand, right in the buzzing start-up section, at this great event. Our logo was even printed on the the wall at the start-up stage. We couldn’t be more proud!

We had two days to present ourselves and our partner Whatfix and it was exciting to be part of this innovative event where the newest technological developments within HR were unleashed.

The strong combination of Whatfix and Talent Peaks

Visitors to our stand were impressed by the demonstrated possibilities of our partner Whatfix, combined with our implementation expertise. They know that getting employees trained in their web-based tools can be a challenge. How Whatfix enables them to onboard, train and explain new features within the used platform is mind-blowing. And being able to build new tutorials without intervention from the IT department or a consultant makes Whatfix a very user-friendly tool.

Guidance through digital transformation

Combining that with our deep expertise in not only implementation, but also in strategy and analytics, pleasantly surprised our visitors. Many companies find they need guidance through their digital transformation in order to provide value to their customers, talents and users.

5 Trends in HR and Tech

Of course, an event like HR Tech is the perfect moment to spot the newest trends within HR and technology. To help you focus on the future, we drafted a quick shortlist:

1.Growing interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is coming to HR. Think of automated recruitment, for example. The broad variety of solutions that technology provides these days is clearly appreciated. We see that these kind of solutions are prize-winning in competitions as well.

2. Employee engagement

We’ve seen smart and intuitive solutions to keep employees engaged and motivated. A trend we spotted: smart employee questionnaires. As an employer, it is important to have insight into our employees’ engagement and wellbeing. We’ve seen smart solutions that are able to ask each employee the right questions, based on their profiles.

3. People before technology

Arianna Huffington, one of the key-note speakers addressed this topic at HR Tech. She warns us of the danger of our tech-addictions. She proposes to use tech itself to protect us from this toxic behavior of being available day and night.

4. Unleash your people

Do not restrict them by making them act, work and think all alike. Make sure creativity and imagination are cultivated within your organization. Unleash your people and help them to change the world.

5. Rethink your definition of success

People who achieve the highest/fastest/greatest are often considered to be top performers. Nevertheless, they have a habit of leaving a big mess behind. It takes time to clean that up. Instead, we need employees who try to innovate and improve. They may not always achieve their goals the first time around, but they create a learning environment for the future.

How to combine technology and talent the right way?

HR Tech Amsterdam this year was about combining technology and talent. We are convinced of the benefits that technology brings us. At the same time, we understand that it is our people who make the difference. The challenge is to combine these two into a valuable and strong collaboration.

Are you trying to find out how to combine technology and people yourself? Connect with us and take advantage of our expertise in technology, HR and recruitment.

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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