Case GVB: teamwork in future proof recruitment

Optimal digital processes for recruitment and internal mobility and select the best fit tooling

GVB is responsible for the public transportation in Amsterdam. Talent Peaks was asked to help their recruiters and labor mobility advisors make their departments future proof. Together, we redesigned processes, translated these into functional requirements and explored the supplier market to see which recruitment solution would best fit their needs. They’ve implemented the new software, a process in which GVB involved their entire team. Seemingly effortless, they reached a result that everybody is on board with. How did they do this? 

Internal involvement

For all sessions, the complete GVB team was present. This made such a big difference for the quality of the defined processes and requirements! We facilitated several interactive workshops to align on the project goals and desired recruitment and mobility processes. In each session, all team members were working together on finding the right solution to fit the GVB way of working and their culture, and translated this into functional requirements.

A project team is bigger than just your team

The inclusive approach that GVB took, wasn’t limited to just their own team. For every session we received a warm welcome; never feeling like a supplier, but always full part of the project team. For instance, for our project kick off, we were welcomed at the surprising GVB location ‘De Veren’, where GVB has its own meeting centre. A really hospitable environment, where we all had lunch together after the session. My colleague Frank, who had to leave early, even got a lunch to go.

Challenging, but worth it

Although it can be challenging to align all work schedules, it really does pay off to work on these kinds of projects together. Each individual has their own view on things, and not including them can easily lead to gaps in the final solution. For GVB, working together on defining the goals, requirements and their priorities, resulted in a common ground for the entire team so they could into the solution demos well prepared. And after evaluating all solutions, the entire team had the same top 3 short-list of suppliers.

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Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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