07 Sep 2018

We are Salesforce GOLD partner now

By: Joram Timmerman

A huge recognition of our expertise and partnership

Talent Peaks is now Salesforce GOLD consulting partner

Based on our niche expertise, industry focus and great partnership with Salesforce we are a Salesforce GOLD partner now! This a great recognition of the knowledge, skills and efforts of our team the last couple of years.

We are very proud to receive this recognition from Salesforce. A big thank you to our customers, Salesforce and our team for this step! Hihaa!

Thanks to Ann Heyvaert, Fabian Lustig, Benoit Somers, Job Verheyden, Eva Heffernan, Titus de Jong, Benno De Lang, Robert van Houdt, Klaasjan Ypenburg, Sander Mollers, Peter Bogman, Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Anna Adolfson, Dieles Huijbregts and many other Salesforce colleagues supporting us!

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