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Improving collaboration and communication

Do you recognize this?

Inbox: (3,423)50 new messages in WhatsApp in 4 different groups, Google Hangout notifications and a full calendar of invites. Maybe only 25% of all these messages are really relevant and meant for you personally; the other 75% is just for your information! A big pain for organizations and teams is the decentralization of communication and collaboration tools and sharing updates and knowledge. Managing and following up on received messages can be an extra day of workload per week.

Talent Peaks using Slack

At Talent Peaks we started an internal project at the end of 2017 where we made an inventory of all the communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools that everybody was using. From Excel to Google Docs, from Evernote to Trello and from GoToMeeting to Hangouts. We are also working with Salesforce and FinancialForce to keep track of customers and project management. Conclusion? 16 different tools to keep track off with only 18 employees… That is almost one tool a person!?

By analyzing our requirements regarding the mentioned topics and searching for a tool that could replace functionalities and reduce the number of tools to make our own lives more easy, we made the decision to start with the light version of Slack and agreed not to send emails internally but only use email for external communication with customers and partners. Slack gives us the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with a focus on a specific topic, together with all relevant people who are involved with that topic.

We have started using Slack collectively on the 1st of January 2018 and after using the tool for 7 months we can state it is a BIG SUCCESS! Some statistics:

  • 18 users
  • 6701 messages in the previous 30 days
  • 242 documents uploaded in the previous 30 days

Most importantly we have reduced the amount of our emails with 70%, we can work together on our Google Docs and are able to integrate with Salesforce by sharing updates with customers via Chatter and vice versa.

Slack for your business?

So, based on our experience, you could imagine we now like Slack even more!

By following our own practice in analysing our current status of the challenge: Collaboration, we were able to make efficient decisions based on our own requirements and on how we would like to collaborate and what tool would fit our needs! Before we implemented the tool, we redesigned our new processes and ways of working in order to have a smooth adoption.

Are you experiencing the same challenges in using a lot of different applications? Bringing your teams ‘touch and meeting’ points together from different platforms like Microsoft, Google and Salesforce to one platform will improve the employee journey on collaboration and communication, so you can focus on making an impact for your customers!

Whenever you need assistance in bringing touchpoints together in the different platforms you are using in your business, do not hestitate to contact us and our consultants will help you out!

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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