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Blog series: Talent Peaks reports on the 2nd day of Salesforce Dreamforce

What about visiting the Salesforce Towers during your stay in San Francisco?! Well, we did this, thanks to Salesforce Engineer Tim Gloger. We made some pictures to share with you guys and just saying: it was worth it, so if you ever have the chance to come over, don’t hesitate!

Also check our video with a recap of Day 2 and our visit to the Salesforce Tower:

Highlights of the Lighting Keynote


At noon, we attended the Lightning Keynote at the Hilton Hotel. In a fully packed room, these were the main topics:

Dynamic Forms in Lightning
This feature will totally improve today’s behavior of fields within Lightning Record Pages. As of Spring 20 (bèta) we will be able to drag & drop fields directly in Lightning Record Pages and we will even be able to add some Field Visibility Actions… This will really empower Trailblazers in using Lightning! 

In-App Guidance
When launching new releases, this tool will help us with inline app-guidance, which will make new releases self-learning and even more powerful!

Lightning Flow Builder
It is now possible to start a new Flow based on a Template. These Flow Templates can be downloaded from the App-Exchange. Besides that, Lightning Components can be fully integrated in the Flow Builder. In her recent blog, our colleague Rachel van den Berg shows some cool features of Flow Builder.

Mobile App
Salesforce already announced the launch of the new Mobile App. Lightning Record Pages can now be assigned to Desktop or Phone devices. Really cool on how we can bring any kind of information to any user, based on the device they are using.

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