Document automation; why, what and how?

Which solutions work best according to system integrators?

What will help your organization grow and deliver the next-level service to your customers and candidates? How can you help your employees and users to work easier and more efficiently? Food for thought on a daily basis, right? Choosing the Salesforce platform will open many possibilities that will help your organization to make the next step. Of course, it is important to choose wisely. Our partner Documill focuses on document automation within the Salesforce platform. To find out for which reasons companies choose document automation, Documill conducted a survey. It was targeted at those who know best: Salesforce system integrators. They are the ones who evaluate, choose and deploy document automation solutions on the Salesforce platform. The survey focussed on a few key-drivers:

  • For which reasons do we choose a document automation app?
  • What are the key criteria to select the right document automation app?
  • What kind of solution do we prefer for document automation?

We found that the results of the survey are both clarifying and exciting. Read on and find out for yourself.

Why choose a document automation app?

What did respondents find most important when choosing a document automation app? Their answers:

  1. Getting (sales) documents created (69%)
  2. Encouraging users to put all information into Salesforce (56%)
  3. Assure quality and document approval (44%)
  4. Prevent improper sharing of important documents (41%)
  5. GDPR compliance (31%)
  6. Need to create report documents (25%)

What it all boils down to: we just need to get the work done.

Which criteria are important?

How do we prefer to get the work done? We found the answer to be pretty simple: as easy as possible. To the question which criteria were important when choosing a document automation app, respondents said:

  1. Ease of deployment (88%)
  2. Support for automated content selections based on condition (81%)
  3. Easy change template layout (81%)
  4. Workflow automation (65%)

What kind of solution do integrators choose?

Now we know why organizations want document automation and what is important in selecting the right solution. But what kind of solution do they choose? Many of the respondents primarily choose online technology over operating-system-specific applications like MS Word or Excel. On the question which solution they use, respondents answered:

  1. Document automation app from Salesforce AppExchange (55%)
  2. Basic Salesforce Templates (24%)
  3. Creating templates by means of Apex code (24%)
  4. MS Word or Excel templates (6%)

On this note, it’s good to know that 44% used purely Windows, while 47% were committed to their Macs. Only 9% tend to use both operatings systems.

The benefits of solutions like Documill

Fair enough, we all want a well-working solution. But what makes solutions as Documill on the Salesforce AppExhange so profitable? Feel free to contact us. Our expert consultants would love to explore the possibilities for your organization and dive into the advantages Documill has over the basic Salesforce Templates. 

Christophe Poleur

Christophe Poleur

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