4 ways to profit from document automation and e-signing

Start making impact by being more productive and working smarter

Are you working with Salesforce and are you striving to make more impact with less effort? We have a tip for you that will help you work smarter, be more productive, save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes. While at the same time making a professional impression on your customers. Bring document automation, CPQ and e-signing into your business processes.

With document automation you can create high-quality documents with a few simple mouse clicks. Easy to use and completely within the Salesforce environment. In no time you can create completely branded templates that can be customized at will, while whith e-signing documents can be signed online, without any need of printing or scanning.

With these simple tools, your people will enjoy more efficiency, faster sales cycles, higher productivity, better collaboration, more compliancy, and higher data quality. So, what are the use cases we see in our daily practice in which Salesforce users benefit most from document automation and e-signing?

1. Sales quotations

Your sales people invest a lot of their time in composing sales proposals. Most of that work is done manually. They have to fill out all kinds of details that are stored in different places, organize the data, include discounts, terms and conditions, and make calculations. Besides that, they have to see to it that the quotation is properly branded and looking good as well. A time-consuming task, with high risk of mistakes of incompletion.

With document automation and e-signing you can automate your proposal processes. A proposal can easily be generated, simply collecting all required data from the relevant sources. Document templates can be created, dynamic fields and content can be added and content may be customized at will. Users don’t have to search for details and can stay inside Salesforce all the time. After acceptance, your customers can easily approve the proposal with an electronic signature and send it right back.

2. Customer service

For many companies, the service center is one of the most important departments of the business. To sustain customer satisfaction, it is key that all complaints, questions and issues are dealt with in a satisfying and professional way. But customer service employees are usually working under a lot of pressure, with piles of tickets, fragmented resources, heaps of filings to complete, lack of time and high expectations.

With Document Automation, a case response can be generated instantly. You can send an email, and complete it with relevant attachments. Users can also choose from a range of supporting features like default texts, support resources or document commenting and approval by senior members before sending the mail out to the customer.

3. Pricing and calculations

Quotations are never as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you have a complex range of products, pricing and business rules, it may be quite a job to control pricing and include them correctly in your calculations. For this, CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) is one of the high-end solutions on the Salesforce Platform which helps you generate accurate and personalized quotations in a smooth and user friendly manner.

CPQ allows you to generate quotations based on complex pricing models. It helps you to automate discounts and pricings to create faster and better quotations and tailor-made contracts. CPQ automates the collection of required approvals and centralizes storage of all documents. It offers you more insights and focus on opportunities in product offering to customers. Are you curious about the benefits? Check out our best practices in CPQ for the media industry.

4. Document management

With CPQ, document automation and e-signing, you can streamline internal processes. Suddenly, many aspects of document management become a piece of cake. For example, an automated process can cover:

  • confirmation of receipt of the documents
  • automatic reminders if the client forgot to sign the documents or the attachments
  • automatic follow-up on expiring validity of signed documents

Discover how the right apps can uplift your business

To guarantee state-of-the-art quality in document automation and e-signing we frequently collaborate with Documill and SignRequest, both leading partners on the Salesforce platform. Are you curious about the perks for your organization? Contact us and let’s see how we can take your business to the next level

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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