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Flexible and easy to set-up.

It’s pretty much always the same story. Plenty of resources within your company invested in a new (or optimized) application that will help you move ahead. Yet, the rest of the organization does not seem all too enthusiastic about it. Or worse, colleagues are strangling the support desk with inquiries when so much has changed and now looks different than what it used to.

Valuable time and means are often wasted when implementing a new application. You still know you made the right choice, but it is frustrating to see that adapting to the change is taking so much effort. Nowadays, there are ways to avoid those struggles. More and more organizations are on the lookout to use effective onboarding and training tools to smoothen the process of change for their users.

No more printed manuals

A particularly successful and online training tool in the market is Whatfix. With a quickly growing fan base, including heavyweight adopters such as ManpowerGroup (pdf). Gone are the days that massive, out-of-date manuals are printed. The future lies in learning within the application, learning during the very execution of things instead of expensive classroom trainings and fictitious use cases.

Whatfix – flexible and easy to set up

So what is it that makes Whatfix such an attractive tool to employ? To give you the headlines: Whatfix is very flexible as it works like an extra layer on any browser-based application. It’s easy to set up and maintain, comes with abundant features, and is offered with a very competitive pricing model.

To top it off, Whatfix can be connected to Google Analytics so you can track all those training data that will help you to optimize training adoption. To give you a better idea of the numbers of features that come with it, you can check out two demos recorded on Salesforce (incl. Connexys) and Bullhorn, respectively.

1.Demo Whatfix on Salesforce/Connexys:

2.Demo Whatfix on Bullhorn:

Take the next step

As Whatfix’s European implementation partner, Talent Peaks can introduce you more closely to the Whatfix training tool and can support you throughout the implementation at your organization. Typically, after a short-cycled implementation, clients can generate and maintain training content completely on their own. Our philosophy is to merely give you the wings, so you can fly by yourself.

Christoph van Balen

Christoph van Balen

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