Meet our new consultant Diederik Verstraete

Diederik in one word: Active!

We’re happy to introduce our new talent Diederik Verstraete, the latest asset in our team of design experts. We asked him some questions so you can get to know the person behind the professional.

What will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?

“I will investigate, optimize and design the clients’ way of working. My mission is to make processes more efficient and better suited for our customers. I would love to have impact on how an organization operates and connects with their customers. Hands-on, I will also assist in implementing new applications and software to help clients with their digital transformation.”

Tell us about the journey that led you to Talent Peaks

“I have studied commercial engineering: operations researching (that’s economy with a heck more mathematics and physics). I studied in Ghent, the most beautiful and fun city of Belgium! I had a great time, except for the mathematics and theoretical statistics… However, I liked IT and strategic management, so I joined a large IT management consulting company. There, I mainly worked on big transformation projects. These projects have huge scope, many roles and hundreds of people. I rotated into various roles (IT Tester, Business analyst, project management officer). One of those projects was a mobile banking app of BNP Paribas Fortis. 

This work experience was nice, but not really a challenge for my personal development. I’m looking for something more impactful and personal. And here I am … at this fancy club doing cool stuff with cool people!”

I feel so happy about my career move, that I even wrote an article about it on LinkedIn.

What talent will you bring Talent Peaks?

“At this point in time, I’m catching up on specific software and industry knowledge. But I can already be of value with my energy, positivity, business methods and analytical insights! I hope to bring Talent Peaks a professional all-around consultant, with whom customers and colleagues love to work! In the long term, I would like to be a project management expert.”

What is typically Diederik?

“My motto is Live your life! I really like discovering new places. Traveling is an important part of my life. I like to have the thrill of something new, an adventure or meeting new people. Getting an adrenaline-rush… like skiing! An example? One of my best decisions ever was to pauze everything at home, and travel for 6 months in South-East Asia and India. I discovered so many beautiful places, wonderful people and new hobbies such as deep sea diving. If you ever need tips about South-East Asia, let me know. I can recommend you countless thrilling places and activities. Top 3? Temples of Bagan, Diving in Komodo and ziplining in Laos.”


We are very proud that Diederik decided to join our team. And did you know .. ? Besides a brilliant consultant, he’s also an impressive basketball player. We are looking forward to his performance. Not only in our projects, but also in the sponsorship match in which the Talent Peaks team will compete against Gilles Dupont’s Special Olympics Team. Have fun, Diederik! 

Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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