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Keerpunt, a specialist in health and safety services, case management and re-integration, was focusing on becoming more sales driven. They looked for a system which provided a 360° customer view. Not only to support the sales process, but also to enhance lead generation.

To streamline a future proof sales process, Keerpunt wanted to use state-of-the-art tools and integrations. Salesforce proved to be the perfect match and Talent Peaks was selected to be the implementation partner. Together with Keerpunt, we configured the Sales Cloud CRM and Pardot for marketing automation. We made integrations with the website, the database, we used Documilll for quotation generation and SignRequest for document signing. Also, we created an interactive partner portal to work together on leads and contracts.

Complex account-relation structure

First things first. In order to create a CRM which really helps Keerpunt in getting 360° insights into customers and partners, it is important to understand the specific organizational relationships Keerpunt has with these accounts. Keerpunt operates in a complex environment. Of course they directly work together with employers, but they also collaborate with advisors, intermediaries, insurance companies, risk bearers and lead generators.

To make things even more complex, organizations can have multiple roles at the same time. For some services, an organization can be an insurance company, at the same time also being a lead generator for contracts for another service. In order to clearly understand the role of a given account in the CRM, a simple segmentation variable on account level is therefore not enough.

After thorough consultation, we realized that the exact function of an organization depends on – and differs per – product, sales process and hence, the final contract. So we created a database model which enables users to highlight the different typical roles per product and sales process. After the opportunity is won, it results in a contract record which also denotes all the applicable relationships between the different roles and the specific contract. This information can be used to get an exact view of all the different contracts (and its value) per account per relationship.

Talent Peaks is a massive help in achieving Keerpunt’s strategic CRM goals. They proposed options whenever we felt ‘stuck’ and still managed to follow Salesforce best practices. Their pragmatic approach and in-depth Salesforce knowledge ensured an on-time, on-target and on-budget project delivery. Also, they were kind enough to laugh at our jokes to make us feel good :).

– Frits Wille, Project Manager Keerpunt

Contract management

In order to advance the sales driven approach, it is important for Keerpunt to have direct insights into the active and inactive contracts a customer has. So, it is important to have an automated contract management system, which extends contracts in case of tacit renewal and alerts sales when a contract without renewal is approaching the expiration date. Using flow, we created an automated process which runs every night to perform the necessary tasks related to renewal and alerting.

Website integration

One of the wishes for the new system was the possibility to allow customers to directly request services from Keerpunt without having to schedule time consuming appointments with sales. Therefore, together with DOOP, Keerpunt’s website development party, we created an integration via API between the website and Salesforce.

Customers fill out a form with minimum required data. This results in a lead in Salesforce, which will be processed by a Sales representative within 48 hours. The Sales rep enriches the lead info using the to capture all relevant account information in order to make a quotation. Quote creation is done by a click of a button, which launches Documill to generate a document based on Salesforce data. Then, only one click is left for the Sales rep: sending the Quote PDF via de SignRequest-integration to the customer for convenient approval and e-signing. The complete process from lead to quote (and hopefully contract!) is covered in just a few clicks. 

Seamlessly working together via the Keerpunt Portal

Typically, many services of Keerpunt are sold or suggested via intermediaries or advisors. These organizations used to deliver leads or contracts via e-mail or Excel. An inefficient process with the risk of errors and losing important data and also provides limited visibility for the partners in the following sales processes between Keerpunt and the suggested leads.

Therefore, Keerpunt wanted a portal in which they could collaborate with partners, allowing them to upload leads and contracts and have insights into the status of their leads.

Marketing automation with Pardot

Keerpunt uses Pardot, Salesforce’s native marketing automation tool. Pardot provides many opportunities for the marketing team to focus on lead generation by creating forms and landing pages and by using the email engine to send customized newsletters.

Besides that, customers can now directly request for contact by sales for personal advice, making use of forms supported by Pardot.

Additionally, due to the integration between Pardot and Sales Cloud, the marketing team gets access to customer contract data. This allows the team to start reactivation campaigns based on contract end dates, or up-sell campaigns based on the combination of sector data and contract data. Marketing can now also support sales during the sales cycle by providing testimonials and relevant information about the services of Keerpunt based on the opportunity stage the customer is in. 

A central lead dashboard

A variety of streams of leads (requests for personal advice, questions, marketing qualified leads (MQL) and leads or contracts submitted via the portal) are summarized on the home page in Salesforce, giving Sales reps a quick overview of all new leads which require attention. To make work more convenient and prevent leads from being missed, notification processes are in place to notify sales management of leads which aren’t followed up within the set time.

Working together with Keerpunt was fruitful, productive and fun! Our project team had a strong mix of critical thinking, problem solving and great humor. I’m looking forward to supporting Keerpunt in their future digitalization journey!

– Erwin Oosterhuis, Consultant Talent Peaks

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Erwin Oosterhuis

Erwin Oosterhuis

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