Case: How Team Intro attracts candidates

By implementing new ways of recruitment.

About Team Intro

Team Intro is a staffing & recruitment agency that does more than only recruiting the best candidates for their clients. They believe work should be fun. That’s why they decided to change their traditional office into a job-café: a place where people come to relax, work and learn. Complete with a contemporary and comfortable design and a great menu, including lunch. Just as one could expect from a café, but not from a staffing agency!

The wonderful team of ‘Team Intro’


The Dutch labor market is becoming more and more candidate driven. Team Intro decided to quickly adapt to these new conditions. This makes Team Intro a frontrunner in the staffing industry. Their new job-café was part of that change, as well as choosing their specialization with care: construction, infrastructure and hospitality. This way, they are able to become deep experts and partners for their customers.

A candidate driven labor market makes it tough to find the right candidates. This requires new ways of recruitment, marketing and sales based on innovative platform technology, like Salesforce. After implementing the powerful combination of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Connexys ATS, Team Intro was ready for the next step: how to attract and acquire more candidates? Where can they be found, what are their interests? They decided to go for a trendsetting approach with recruitment marketing.


Because of a broad variety of tools and approaches available in online marketing, Team Intro requested Talent Peaks to help them define and implement a content strategy. This strategy is fundamental for investments in marketing channels and technology and to prioritize all marketing activities. It also inspires the recruiting team in having a detailed view on their key candidate groups and to be more successful in day-to-day recruitment.

Triple-track approach

Together with Team Intro, we decided to go for a triple-track implementation approach:

1. Content Strategy
To provide insights into their key candidate personas, knowledge and inspiration for the right (online) content, such as: social media campaigns, blogs, job listings and videos.

2. Web Analytics
A dashboard showing the team real-time insights into their content and channel performance.

3. Interim Recruitment Marketing
To help the team adjust and implement content marketing into their daily practices.

Content Strategy

One of the most fun parts of this project, was to create Team Intro’s first Candidate Persona: Jan. He is the one they’re looking for when searching for traffic controllers. Not only did we give him a name: we also visualized his needs, journey and character traits on a large poster, which sits in a prominent spot on the office wall. Every day, Jan inspires the team to continuously create their content fit for this persona. The team now understands how he thinks, what is important to him and how he even begins to consider becoming a traffic controller.

Template for persona: traffic warden ‘Jan’.

After that, we had a great time with the Intro team during a brown paper session. Goal: to start understanding Jan thoroughly.

We asked ourselves questions like:

  • Which topics is he interested in?
  • Which questions does he ask in the different stages of his candidate journey?
  • What type of content works best in these different stages?

We used the collaborative input to map all the different possibilities and types of content into one document. A great source of inspiration and guidance for the team to start creating their content through a targeted plan, including:

  • composing a content calendar
  • creating tailored campaigns
  • optimizing their job descriptions


Content Analytics

From this strategy, we extracted the key metrics that would help Intro to achieve their goals. We created an instrument specifically for them, that tells them all about their content’s performance and how the public interacts with that content.

For instance, how many clicks and applications an online campaign of social media channel provides. Or how many visitors their pages attract and how well these visitors flow through the website. Always with the central purpose in mind: to provide insight into how many visitors and vacancy views are needed to get a specific number of job applications, and which sources and content are most effective for this goal.

After becoming familiar with their new instrument in practice, we tweaked and reshaped it until they got exactly the analytics tool they needed. Through this iterative way of working, we made sure we created the right instrument for their needs that helps them do excellent work.

An example of the dashboard for Team Intro. Along with this, they have the insights into the amount of conversions, popular content and campaigns.


Interim Recruitment Marketing

Meanwhile, we were also continuously present on an interim base. Our consultant’s mission was coaching Team Intro to optimize their existing recruitment processes and to establish a new process for creating and distributing their content. This interim role supported Team Intro to execute the content strategy and quickly adopt the change which ensured a new and effective way of recruiting.

Part of this role was to conceptualize and guide the implementation a new team format for Team Intro. As a result, a new role of job marketeer was created and our consultant became responsible for recruiting the perfect candidate for this job and to get her up to speed. This new role of job marketeer was needed to execute the new content strategy of Team Intro and to maintain the new effective way to effectively attract more candidates.

The Results!

While Team Intro has started using their strategy for just a few months, the first results are achieved already! Examples of their achievements:

  • The number of job applicants increased significantly
  • A practical dashboard to monitor the data on their content
  • A practical and inspirational guide for their online marketing activities
  • Insights into their Candidate Persona’s life, needs and his journey
  • Insights into their own unique values for their Candidate Persona ‘Jan’

The amount of conversions increased significantly. You can see a small drop in October, in that month, there was less focus on content. This resulted in a drop immediately. After that, the numbers increased again.

Charmaine Konig, Team Intro:

“After Talent Peaks implemented our new ATS, they helped us with Team Intro’s online recruitment activities. First, we had a brainstorm session and then we started a super cool process to get better insights into our online target audience. The collaboration was fun, interesting and will most definitely lead to more recruitment success.’

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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