Case: How RSG Finance becomes front-runner

By implementing Documill & SignRequest

About RSG Finance

RSG Finance is an interim, advisory and staffing agency, active in finance and controlling, founded in 2007. The services of RSG are based on three service lines: Interim Management, Recruitment and Selection and Freelance. Within these three services, they intermediate for both temporary and permanent positions. RSG focusses on five different business lines: Finance, Accounting & Reporting, Business Control, Corporate Governance and Public.


What if you were an interim, advisory and staffing agency, active in finance and controlling with focus on placing competent talents? A well-working Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would be crucial to your needs, right?


RSG Finance chose the Bullhorn Connexys ATS for that very reason 2 years ago: an ATS developed on the Salesforce Platform. Normally, the story would end here. But Patrick van der Tuin, Managing Director at RSG opted for the Salesforce Platform specifically because of the broad variety of apps:

” To accomplish our goal and desire to become a recruitment agency 3.0, we wanted to use a very innovative and developing platform that grants us the possibility to work with so-called ‘best of breed’ solutions that would contribute to the best possible automated process within our company. That’s why we started working with Bullhorn Connexys as a recruitment software, built on the Salesforce platform. “

~Patrick van der Tuin, Managing Director RSG Finance~


September 2017 we started with a kick-off where we defined the next steps for RSG Finance: document automation and digital signing by Documill and SignRequest.


Documill is a Document Management app which can be implemented on any Salesforce object. That way, it extracts information from Salesforce and places that in the desired document. A great solution for many types of documents we make: quotations and contracts, for example.

Credits: Documill


With RSG Finance we mainly focused on:

  • employment contracts
  • lease, laptop and other job-related agreements
  • agreements for clients
  • agreements for candidates

The beauty of Documill is that content can be variable, based on the situation in which we are, or based on specific parameters in Salesforce. And headers and footers can vary as well, based on the entity from which the contract is generated.

With this app, Patrick is able to create and manage the documents himself within Documill. This gives him the advantage to adapt quickly. Fact is, that changes in documents can be done within own management after a good setup and some training. This offers so much flexibility that your users will spare a fair amount of time once the application is installed!


That flexibility was a good reason to start thinking about an E-signing solution in 2018 as well. And we found a great one: SignRequest. This Dutch company designed a package, built on Salesforce, that enables users to extract documents from records and forward them for signing. On top of that, the process can be installed per Salesforce object. This enables us to use some very handy features, such as:

  • single signing
  • double signing
  • sending reminders
  • follow-up on status
  • etc.

” Documill has enabled us to create all our agreements within 1 click: fast, flawless and efficient. SignRequest enables us to have our complete document set legally covered. An additional advantage is that these 2 apps contribute to our social responsibility as well, because of the paperless solution within our primary process. “

~Patrick van der Tuin, Managing Director at RSG~

The results!

All of this took place within a legally covered and online framework. These innovations have made it possible for RSG to become the front-runner within their niche with focus on qualitative relations with their stakeholders!

” It was a great adventure to implement this together with Connexys, Documill and SignRequest. On top of that, we were introduced to an important partner to take on the implementation, Talent Peaks, who enabled us to finish this entire implementation and project in a great way. We made important steps in reaching our goal, becoming a recruitment agency 3.0. Nice! “

~Patrick van der Tuin, Managing Director RSG Finance~

Christoph van Balen

Christoph van Balen

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