Case: Customized and functional ATS for EC O&P

Where the ATS serves the business processes.

The Dutch ‘Expertisecentrum Organisatie en Personeel’ (EC O&P) is the central government organization that provides a broad variety of HR services to the Dutch state. It is responsible for many services, such as: recruitment, talent acquisition, HR advisory, legal HR, mobility, work safety & health and HR Marketing communication services.


In December 2015, EC O&P implemented the Salesforce-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Connexys as a proof of concept. After a while, they found there was still a lot of room for customization and personalization of the Connexys ATS in order to facilitate the various recruitment scenarios and business processes EC O&P handles on a daily basis.


EC O&P consists of different teams with specific workflows for both internal and external users. The organization requested Talent Peaks in April 2016 to implement standardizedyet flexible recruitment workflows, tailored to meet the requirements of the different teams.


This was truly a unique assignment because of the diversity in recruitment scenarios we had to facilitate. Ranging from business processes similar to what we would see at Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies to processes more similar to corporate recruitment or contracting companies. This is how we made the difference:

  • A standard, yet flexible recruitment workflow accommodating various recruitment business processes;
  • custom mobility workflow for the mobility team, which prevents sensitive records to appear in workflows of teams that do not have authorization;
  • The HR communication team can now organize eventsmanage event applications and offer personalized event programs;
  • Simplified job posting process: less clicks and actions limited to one page;
  • solution for a very time sensitive and specific mobility project with a high volume of applicants;
  • An automatic process to ask inactive candidates for renewal of their database registration. In case candidates choose not to extend their registration, their registration is anonymized instantly;
  • A new workflow for administrative personnel to be contracted out to various governmental departments;
  • A centralized inflow of interns with a custom workflow to place them on specific internships at the various government departments.

Agile approach

To come to the best possible solution, we worked in a self-managing and agile team with a business owner, a technical consultant (Talent Peaks) and a functional consultant.

There was trust within the team and respect for each others role which allowed open communication. We shared a common goal to advance the organization and make both users and customers happy. This was the basis for everyone involved to feel engaged, speak up and make a meaningful contribution.

Everyone could voice their opinion and look for ways to improve. Also in the execution stage, we had fun discussing the various ways of technical realization to come to good results. Depending on the complexity of each particular project, we did sprints of 1 or 2 weeks.

The end-to-end delivery of our configuration incorporated:

  • workshops
  • business analysis
  • process design
  • configuration
  • testing
  • training
  • go-live


This approach has resulted in a customized and functional ATS for EC O&P and its internal and external users. We provided solutions for issues EC O&P coped with and workflows are now specifically designed to serve the processes within the organization.

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Jort Roelink

Jort Roelink

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