Case Abrona: employer branding & identity

How to empower an online identity for health care institution Abrona?

Abrona is a service organization within the healthcare sector which provides home care, daytime activities and treatment for the mentally disordered. Abrona differ from others in the way they mould their caring activities: not restricted by impossibilities, but open to possibilities.


Abrona approached us with a simple question: “We need a new recruitment site because the current one is outdated.” In addition to that, the partner hosting the site would stop their service. Time for a new recruitment site!

While exploring the possibilities with Abrona, it became clear there was more to address. During the first meetings, we stumbled upon a few topics:

  • how to organize our internal process to keep the new site relevant?
  • how to find the right candidates?
  • how to pick the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Image 1: Abrona’s recruitment site needed to be replaced

Developing our new recruitment site together with Talent Peaks ( Stijn, Judith and Ilona) became a truly inspiring process. They guided us into a world unknown to us and that benefits us daily! It enables us to show who we are and what kind of colleagues we require with matching values. And that’s exactly what we want our clients and teams to experience!

Ageeth Wildeman, Manager Social Care Abrona


We decided to roll out a phased solution. In phase 1, we focussed on research, insights, and strategy.

Phase 1 – Research, insights, and strategy

Together with Abrona, we decided to start at the basics. We formed a group of stakeholders (recruitment, marketing and HR) and asked ourselves:

  1.   How can we show online what it actually means to work at Abrona?
  2.   Which wishes and requirements do we have from a recruitment point of view for selecting a new tool?

We discovered a few practical and new insights during that research. We needed answers to questions like:

  • What makes Abrona unique as an employer?
  • What is important to the candidate personas and how can we translate that to the website?
  • How can we secure the internal process?
  • How is the recruitment process currently organized and what are the minimal requirements for the new ATS

Image 2: An example of 1 of the 3 candidate personas we created with Abrona.

Thanks to the energy, creativity and enthusiasm at Abrona, we were able to translate their vision into a journey with positive experiences of employees and future employees. The results are fantastic and worth to be celebrated!

Stijn Janssen, Consultant @Talent Peaks

Phase 2 – Implementation

As soon as we covered the basics, it became time to implement the findings within the organization. For that, we focussed on:

  1. Selecting a web-building party and realization of the website
  2. Selecting an ATS supplier and implementation partner
  3. Building a content-team on employer branding
  4. Kick-off an ambassadors program
  5. Optimizing web-analytics

Together with Abrona, we addressed the topics above and supported them through these processes.

Phase 3 – Change

Working in a data-driven mindset changes an organization’s way of thinking and collaborating. Abrona finds it important to make sure the new approach will be sustainable within the organization. The first steps are made. In this final phase, we are focussing on Abrona’s independence within this process.

It was very inspirational to team-up with Abrona and embark them on a journey to discover Abrona’s values. The experience empowered us all and motivated us to find new possibilities to start telling Abrona’s story. We came across some real gems that are given a voice today!

Judith van Oudheusden, Digital Marketing Consultant @Talent Peaks

The results!

1. An Abrona-worthy recruitment site

A brand new website that fits today’s requirements and gives Abrona the opportunity to offer candidates relevant content. The focus in phase 1 was to have a first basic version up and running as soon as possible. Within the coming period, the website will be updated with new features. We guided Abrona in selecting an outstanding website party and filling the website with the necessary content.

Image 3: The new recruitment site shows Abrona’s core.

Working with Abrona was a real partnership: clear coordination and with full confidence towards the collaboration. This has brought Judith, Stijn, Karel & Ilona to their fullest potential to work with Abrona to create maximum impact.

Pieterjan Standaert, Business Consultant @Talent Peaks

2. Enthusiastic Ambassadors

When we design new personas, we always conduct interviews with people who fit the target audience. During these interviews with the Abrona audience, we found that many candidates chose Abrona after being advised so by others. We advised Abrona to set up a group of ambassadors. A broad variety of enthusiastic colleagues was invited to become part of this special team, called ‘Hey Abrona!’. All of them are eager to show others the beauty of their work and are a great support to the recruitment team, feeding them with new and creative ideas. To help the group start-up, we developed the following tools for Abrona:

  • Kick-off workshop – inspiration and empowering
  • Incentives – special campaigns exclusive to ambassadors
  • Social media workshop – sharing is caring!
  • Ambassadors plan – who does what, when and why?

This video perfectly illustrates the difference between the new straight-from-the-heart-approach with the ‘old’ approach (see image 1)

3. An ATS that fits today’s requirements

By unraveling the candidate journey and the internal recruitment process, it became clear which requirements the ATS had to meet. Another requirement for Abrona was that it had to work smoothly with their existing HR tool Raet. We guided Abrona in choosing an ATS that met these criteria.

4. Web-analytics dashboard

Does the new approach bring the expected benefits? What works as planned, what needs to be revised? By having a clear overview of the data your recruitment site provides, Abrona will be able to spot events on their website much sooner and what should be their next step as well.


As we speak, Abrona is in the middle of the change phase in which we focus on coaching and knowledge. This gives Abrona the opportunity to work with the tools we provided in order to make sure the new insights will not fade away, but will be adopted within a culture that is open to new possibilities, discovered by their own team.

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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