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Calco IT & Finance decides for Salesforce and Byner

Everything around customers and employees now converges in one integral environment

What if I asked you to show me a sector which structurally struggles with a tight labor market? A branch where the war on talent has been on for years now. And the gap between offer and demand is huge? I’ll bet you come up with the IT and Finance industry.

That is exactly the market in which Calco operates. And with a completely disruptive approach. Based on the motto: Hire for Personality, Train for Skills Calco finds and attracts talent in unusual places. People without an IT or Finance education, with completely divergent backgrounds, but all having distinct potential, drive and analytical insights.

Trained in the Calco MasterClass

In the Calco MasterClass, a unique traineeship tailor made for IT and Finance gets them ready for the job. Next, an extensive period of learning, coaching, training on the job by customers and peers follows in which they develop into valuable and skilled professionals.

This proposition proves to be a successful one. Once in 2007 the first client embraced the formula, others quickly followed en masse. At this moment, Calco yearly structurally trains and places a pool of over 500 employees, most of whom move to permanent positions.

Ready for future growth with Salesforce and Byner

Kelly Grooteman, CEO at Calco (right on the photo) explains: “And that is exactly why we aspired to embark on a digital transformation. In recent years, we have grown significantly and we did everything in our power to realize the best match for both employees and customers and support them in the best possible way. To enable that, we created an extensive IT-landscape, with many solutions tied together, some smoother than others. This worked great at the time, but as we grew and technology evolved, we felt the urge to streamline and innovate.”

Rianne Kool, Calco’s Director Projects & Innovation (left on the photo) adds: “So we decided to create an environment in which everything comes together. A platform which gives Calco a 360° view on both customers and employees. On which they can all collaborate, creating one single source of truth so they could work efficiently, vigorously, data driven and as always, in a customer and employee centered way even when they continue to grow.

"We now have one single source of truth which offers us valuable strong insights, helps us analyze and predict so we can service our customers and employees in a compelling and personalized way.”

Rianne Kool, Director Projects & Innovation, Calco

About the project

In phase one, Talent Peaks has implemented Sales Cloud CRM to empower sales, Pardot for Marketing Automation campaigns and the brand new Byner App to automate the core processes from lead to invoice. Rianne: “With Byner, we’ve built strong workflows and automations to optimally service and engage our employees once contracts are signed. All powered by the Salesforce Platform, on which everything comes together. Since Salesforce is an open cloud platform, we can now use innovative, best-of-breed technology and have all activities around customers and employees converge in one coherent environment.

Next on the road map we’re planning integrations with Cobra, ExactOnline and integration with the new website. And if international growth calls for it, perhaps also alignment for example with local HR solutions.”

The Salesforce Platform offers Calco:

  • consistent data and 360° insights

  • an integral view on customer and employee

  • a boost in terms of efficiency and collaboration

  • scalability so they can expand and internationalize

Learnings from the digital transformation

“After we decided for Salesforce as a platform, we selected an implementation partner who really understood our business. This may sound obvious, but it is an important success factor for the integral project. We’re very satisfied with Talent Peaks. They are experts in the Staffing and Recruitment niche and know how to help and challenge us to make the most of technology.”

Together, we collaborated to design the to-be Salesforce solution. A 2,5 month process which started with interviews with the relevant (process) stakeholders and the management team. We then moved on to analyzing the different to-be business processes and visualized a comprehensive trainee journey. Finally, we translated the processes into Salesforce requirements and set up a solid plan for the implementation of the different building blocks.

Rianne: “Change of technology usually is an impactful transition. That is why we decided to deal with it in a thorough and integral way. We asked IT-architect Wim Reedijk and Talent Peaks to help us map out the as-is situation and visualize the to-be digital environment which would optimally support our goals. This was incredibly valuable and it worked as a catalyst for the project.”

"It is crucial to work with an implementation partner who truly understands your business and shares your values"

Rianne Kool, Director Projects & Innovation, Calco

Co-creation and partnership

Talent Peaks collaborates with us like equal partners. Thinking along, co-creating and working side by side with our Calco admins building the new environment. This way, our key players are closely involved from the start and once the implementation is completed we can easily manage and amplify the solutions ourselves.

Looking back, this implementation felt like a well-oiled machine. Also within our organization, there was hardly any resistance to this change. In general, our people are young and flexible to begin with. And everyone was eagerly looking forward to working in the new environment. It makes us so much more productive and effective. We now have one single source of truth which offers us valuable strong insights, helps us analyze and predict so we can service our customers and employees in a compelling and personalized way.”

“My number one tip: invest in a thorough preparation and if possible work with a partner or an advisor to map out the current and aspired digital landscape.”

Rianne Kool, Director Projects & Innovation, Calco

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