Boost your daily productivity

With Lightning for Outlook and Connexys

Are you tired of having only some information in Salesforce and the rest dormant in your Email inbox? Have you had enough of copying and pasting email texts into Memo fields on some contact’s or candidate’s profile? Have you always wanted to take immediate action on a contact’s or candidate’s email without leaving Outlook?

If your mind has mostly responded with Yes or even YES!, then we might have something in store for you:

Lightning for Outlook – demo

The most up-to-date integration of Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook – Lightning – allows you to reduce redundant work and to seamlessly keep both applications up-to-date no matter in which one you work. To give you a better idea of how this actually looks like, we have created a short demo clip compiling the most important functionality.

Boosting everyday productivity

The Salesforce-Outlook integration is destined to boost your everyday productivity. You may say that such gains are, at best,  small on a daily basis. But we challenge you to think beyond that! Consider the leaps you will take, using Lightning across weeks and months, and quickly, this more efficient way of working will turn into a serious business case!

Even more so since Lightning for Outlook is already included in your Standard Salesforce or Connexys license.

Most important features

  • Quick Actions in the sidebar, such as:
    • Add person as Candidate
    • Create Job Application
    • Add to Talentpool
    • Other customized actions
  • Link emails to candidates, job applications, etc.
  • Synchronize events and tasks between Outlook and Salesforce/Connexys

Need help?

At Talent Peaks, we can help you to quickly set up Lightning for Outlook in the best way. This helps your sales reps and recruiters focus on what truly generates added value – to search for and select outstanding candidates!

Christoph van Balen

Christoph van Balen

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