Talent Peaks Basecamp for customer success

New service model: customer support after implementation by dedicated Salesforce consultants

This year we introduced a new service: Talent Peaks Basecamp. Basecamp consultants provide flexible and remote Salesforce support for key users and administrators, so they can obtain maximum value out of the Salesforce platform apps after implementation. Usually, after a go-live of the implementation, the project is handed over to the company’s key-user or trained admin. Still, it takes time for an admin to obtain the necessary level of Salesforce knowledge and being able to optimize user adoption of the new technology.

Make the most of Salesforce technology

Moreover, making optimal use of the innovation provided by new Salesforce releases and the latest apps on the AppExchange often is challenging. The admin has to find out how to keep up with developments and proactively meet with business requirements in order to create sustainable value. Provided that there is an admin … Dedicated professional Salesforce admins are hard to find and expensive to recruit.

Basecamp helps with configuration, issue solving and preparing for the future

This is where Talent Peaks Basecamp comes in. Our consultants offer Salesforce admin support services on a remote basis, so you can enlist their help to the extent necessary. Basecamp carries out change configuration, issue solving and proactive innovation. Flexible, affordable and backed-up by the complete Talent Peaks expert team. So you have access to relevant industry updates and innovations.

Who are Team Basecamp?

Team Basecamp, guided by Rachel van den Berg, now is formed by Roos Alberink and Daan Landsmeer. Let’s introduce them to you.

“I started wishing I was an IT-nerd myself” – Roos Alberink

Roos: “I started my career as an account manager in the Staffing & Recruitment industry. I liked the HR side more then sales and continued as a recruiter, focussing on IT because I always have a fling for digital tech. I worked at different employers, had my own Recruitment Agency for 3 years, but I missed the flow of being part of a company. Recently, I worked for YoungCapital, where I was part of the Corporate Recruitment team.

My focus was hiring IT candidates for our own Research & Development department, like data engineers, software developers, QA, Application Owners and Product Owners. Especially in the hiring process with the last two profiles, I spoke with candidates who have done great things and I started wishing I was an IT nerdy myself. Never too old to make a change, so I did! Because I don’t have the ambition to write code myself, I want to dive into more into something like an application owner or admin role. I wanted to trigger myself more and learn new things. Out of my comfort zone. Pretty scary, I can say!

“Becoming a Salesforce expert was an amazing opportunity which I grabbed with both hands” – Daan Landsmeer

Daan: “My story is a complete different one. For the last twelve years, I’ve been a barista and supervisor at Starbucks and Dagger Coffee. At some point, I found it time for a change and right then I met Rachel. It turned out that Talent Peaks has a campsite in the same building as where I was working. I never even heard of Salesforce before we met but Rachel’s enthusiasm was infectious, to say the least. She offered me the chance to get certified and become a full blown Salesforce expert. This was an amazing opportunity, so I didn’t hesitate for a second and grabbed it with both hands.”

Why work for Talent Peaks?

Roos: “A couple of things brought me here. Talent Peaks has a unique look and feel in their communication; check the website or LinkedIn Page and see for yourself. The people working at Talent Peaks, their DNA and their choice for Salesforce. After a coffee with Rachel and Joram, I got even more enthusiastic about the organization and their ambitions. I wanted to be part of the Talent Peaks family! It feels very comfortable, very low key but on the other hand driven and serious (in a good way). For me, this is a perfect combination.”

Daan: “Haha, besides doing cool stuff with cool people? The way I met Talent Peaks, it actually almost feels like they chose me. The chance they offered me to develop myself and becoming a certified Salesforce expert is the biggest reason I chose Talent Peaks.”

What will you bring?

Roos: “Based on my experience in the Staffing & Recruitment Industry, I can help our customers with their business cases. I can talk easily with different kinds of people, I am a social person and I like to help others. Usually, I am in a good mood and like to bring some happiness in the office!” Daan: “Keywords that would describe me are calmness, positivity, humour, honesty, friendship and a helpful nature. I’m a good listener and have a service minded personality, perfect for Basecamp.”

Looking back on your first months?

Roos: “My motto is: Get out of your comfort zone and go for it! And that’s exactly what I did switching to Basecamp. I haven’t regretted it for a moment. In December, even before I started, I was invited for the first TP-Update Meeting. Besides a company update and a look ahead to 2020, it was also the chance to have a lot of fun and meeting my new colleagues. It’s a cool team. They all are interested, honest and friendly. The first night we ended up in the Skihut in Rotterdam. What else do you need to get a good impression of your new colleagues 🙂

The first weeks at Basecamp were cool and quite intense. Because I still have to get my way around Salesforce and Basecamp, I had to get used to the fact that I can’t do everything myself. In my previous jobs, I could fall back on my experience. But luckily now I have my colleagues who are more than willing to teach me everything! I am looking forward to the coming months and can’t wait to make Basecamp a great team and become a Salesforce Specialist in the coming years.

What do we really want to know about you?

Daan: “I always say: Everything is gonna be fine, even if it’s not. I think that’s pretty much what describes me privately and professionally. This motto also supported me during my onboarding period. Boy, it was hectic, to say the least. I met a lot of new people, gained new knowledge, met with new challenges. And most of all, I had heaps of FUN! Oh, and now you ask, I’m an avid Dungeons and Dragons player.”

Interested in the Basecamp formula?

Basecamp is a fully remote service, which is available during office hours via email. Curious what it can bring for your company? Contact us. We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. Are you triggered by Roos’ and Daan’s story? Talent Peaks is growing with a sure pace, so we’re constantly looking for talent with the right DNA. Check out our career page.

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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