We train Salesforce Specialists

The Talent Peaks Academy trains professionals both in the classroom and on the job to become a valuable Salesforce specialist in your company.

How to make maximum impact with Salesforce technology?

We believe that organizations can really be successful if they take full advantage of the best technology available. That is why Talent Peaks helps organizations design powerful customer journeys based on which they can select, implement and optimize their Salesforce apps. Together, we create a robust digital ecosystem that drives business goals.

A Salesforce Specialist can make all the difference

Still, the market is demanding and constantly changing. Companies have to be flexible and be able to surf and break the waves. To make sure technology fully and sustainably supports your goals, a Salesforce Specialist is crucial. A professional, trained to form the bridge between IT and the business. Dedicated, and ideally part of your own workforce. Unfortunately, these specialists are scarce and hard to find! And that's where the Academy comes in. 

About the Academy

The Academy searches, tests and selects highly motivated potentials, offers them a contract and trains them to become valuable Salesforce Specialists in one year. At the same time, the students will be assigned to work as a dedicated Salesforce Admin within your organisation. This gives them the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge, gain relevant practical experience and at the same time get familiar with your organization. After this year, the intention is that you hire our professional as your Salesforce Specialist.

What’s in it for you?

  • no recruitment effort
  • a dedicated Salesforce Professional working in your organization from day one
  • personal training focussed on your business needs
  • full coaching and support from the Talent Peaks community
  • no risk, the professional has a contract with Talent Peaks for the first year
  • the possibility to hire the professional after one year without transfer costs

The Academy is based on 3 pillars

1. Growing knowledge and skills in a Salesforce Specialists community 
During the training, the professionals have access to all expertise in the Talent Peaks organization. After completing the Academy, students have gained relevant Salesforce knowledge, as well as project management and consulting skills, etc. They conclude the Academy with an official Salesforce Administrator Certification and, depending on your focus, a Sales or Service Cloud Consultant Certification.

2. Expanding experience in your organization
Right from the start, the professional will be working dedicatedly in your company. Combining high quality masterclasses with fully participating in your daily practice accelerates the learning curve and the direct value for your business.

3. Personal growth by coaching and intervision
In the Academy, professionals are guided by experts both on hard skills and on soft skills. Intervision sessions provide the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with fellow participants.

After a training at the Academy a Salesforce Specialist can:

  • help create a constructive Salesforce work environment that offers maximum support to business goals
  • configure and optimize Salesforce processes and functionalities
  • support and train (key)users
  • improve processes so work will be more efficient and more fun
  • analyse and improve data quality to create reports and dashboard for decision making stakeholders