Let's make you a Salesforce Specialist!

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading Digital Platforms, next to companies like Google, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. Over 150,000 companies, both big and small, are growing their business with Salesforce. A powerful cloud platform, that places the customer in the center of all activities.

Innovative and lots of career opportunities 

Salesforce, named by Forbes as one of the World's Most Innovative Companies, is blazing new trails in enterprise software every day. A true nirvana for every (IT-)professional who craves to work with innovative technology every day, constantly exploring and developing new possibilities. In 2019 we counted over 7,000 direct Salesforce related job openings and over 11,000 indirect jobs in the Netherlands. A number that grows with 25% every year on average.  

Salesforce Specialists are in high demand

The need for Salesforce Specialists within organizations is increasing rapidly. No wonder, because a Salesforce Specialist forms the bridge between the business and technology within an organization. A valuable internal consultant who empowers the business to make optimum use of Salesforce in order to increase efficiency, optimize results and realize business goals.

How do you become a Salesforce Specialist? This is where the Academy comes in.

Why join the Academy?

Talent Peaks offers you the opportunity of becoming a Certified Salesforce Specialist via a unique formula. Combining the Academy with working as a dedicated Salesforce admin. The best of both worlds. You’ll get a full training in Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM Platform. At the same time you will be assigned to one of our customers so you get to know the employer and gain extensive experience with working as a professional Salesforce Specialist.

What are the perks?

Being a niche Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, Talent Peaks has three important core values which make us extremely successful:

  • making impact 
  • being a guide 
  • having fun

These values go for our consultants, but of course, they apply just as much to you. Joining the Academy means being part of a large community of passionate Trailblazers. Together with your co-students, you’ll be trained by enthusiastic experts in the Salesforce environment.

Next to that, you profit from the extensive knowledge and experience of the entire Talent Peaks organization to help you make maximum impact for your customer.

And last, but not least: being a member of our Community, you’re invited to take part in our #doingcoolstuffwithcoolpeople. For example by joining inspiring events and informal get-togethers. 

What will you get?

  • A contract with full salary paid by Talent Peaks
  • Job offer intent by customer after successful Academy completion
  • Training and coaching by professionals from the field
  • Gaining work experience while at the same time directly contributing to the business
  • Official Salesforce Certification and Badges
  • Continuous personal and professional development
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience with peers

The Academy timeline

The Academy will train you (partly in Dutch and in English) to become a valuable Salesforce Specialist. This is an impression of how the program is set up:

Month 1: Make a jump start
2 days a week you take classes in which our experts teach you the basics and the finer details of Salesforce. The other days of the week you will be working at your client as a Salesforce Specialist. In the Academy you share insights and exchange experiences with your fellow students. After the first month, you are so skilled in Salesforce that you have already gained your Superbadge Business Administration Specialist via Trailheads, the online learning portal of Salesforce. 

Month 2-6: Get certified
In this period you attend classes one day per week in which you will be prepared for the official Salesforce Administrator Certification. These masterclasses will be complemented by intervision meetings and personal coaching from experienced Salesforce professionals. You’ll complete this phase with the official Salesforce Certified Admin Exam.

Month 7-12: Become an expert
Time to expand your knowledge and become a true expert. You will be prepared for your second official Salesforce Certification. Depending on your client, we can, for example, focus on Sales or Service Cloud. You’ll attend Salesforce masterclasses, learn project management techniques, and acquire consultancy skills. During this period we also plan time for intervision with co-students, so you also learn from your peers.

After one year: Make the difference
After this intensive period you will know everything about your customer’s Salesforce environment and you are quite skilled in the Salesforce technology already. No wonder your client is eager to employ you.

When you are a Salesforce Specialist you can:

  • help create a constructive Salesforce work environment that offers maximum support to business goals
  • configure and optimize Salesforce processes and functionalities
  • support and train (key)users
  • improve processes so work will be more efficient and fun 
  • analyze and improve data quality to create reports and dashboard for decision making stakeholders