Case: Nieuwe website en ATS voor vind!

Wie zoekt die vindt, of vindt vind! voor jou? Je kunt zoveel met het actieve en krachtige werkwoord ‘vinden’ en dat uit zich ook volledig in de filosofie binnen dit Vlaamse bedrijf. Het moet zonder twijfel een van de meest interessante en uitdagende projecten zijn die ik tot dusver in mijn Salesforce en Connexys by Bullhorn tijdperk heb begeleid. Een korte neerslag.

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Meet Ilona van Haandel: new consultant @ Talent Peaks

Wow, Ilona has been with us for over two months already and we didn’t have the chance yet to introduce her properly to you. Time to do something about that! So, here she is: meet Ilona van Haandel, our newest Adapt & Implement colleague. We’ve asked her some nosey questions so you can finally get to know her. Here we go:

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Case: How RSG Finance becomes front-runner


What if you were an interim, advisory and staffing agency, active in finance and controlling with focus on placing competent talents at your client? A well-working Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would be crucial to your needs, right?


RSG Finance chose Connexys by Bullhorn for that very reason 2 years ago: an ATS developed on the Salesforce Platform. Normally, the story would end here. But Patrick van der Tuin, Managing Director at RSG opted for the Salesforce Platform specifically because of the broad variety of apps.

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Meet Jarno Vrolijk: new consultant @ Talent Peaks

New colleague in the house!

We are happy to introduce Jarno Vrolijk to you. He recently finished his study and internship at Connexys and joined our Analytics team a little over a month ago. We’re glad to have him: he rocks at Data Science and even ran his own online data competitions alongside his study.

Curious to learn more? Jarno introduces himself by answering our nosey questions below:
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Think Again!

By design.

When innovation, digitalization & changes in technology are moving rapidly, we need to move forward. We need to make progress to keep ahead of our competitors. We need to be early adaptors to be different. Or at least be part of the early majority. That’s what Theodore Levitt, American economist points out in his book ‘Product of Life Cycle’.


Because you have a problem with collecting and analyzing nonsense data – and technology will fix it?

Or because you are experiencing a challenge in tracking the effectiveness of whatever – and technology will fix it?

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Talent Peaks goes to the Nordics

Great news, as of now, we are officially delivering our services to the Nordics as well! Our expert team, including Frank Gielen, Christoph van Balen and Stijn Janssen, traveled to Norway last week. It seems that they landed in a beautiful winter wonderland.

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Deliver the next level of training to your users with Whatfix

It’s pretty much always the same story. Plenty of resources within your company invested in a new (or optimized) application that will help you move ahead. Yet, the rest of the organization does not seem all too enthusiastic about it. Or worse, colleagues are strangling the support desk with inquiries when so much has changed and now looks different than what it used to.

Valuable time and means are often wasted when implementing a new application. You still know you made the right choice, but it is frustrating to see that adapting to the change is taking so much effort. Nowadays, there are ways to avoid those struggles. More and more organizations are on the lookout to use effective onboarding and training tools to smoothen the process of change for their users.

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Case : How Team Intro attracts more candidates

About Team Intro

Team Intro is a staffing & recruitment agency that does more than only recruiting the best candidates for their clients. They believe work should be fun. That’s why they decided to change their traditional office into a job-café: a place where people come to relax, work and learn. Complete with a contemporary and comfortable design and a great menu, including lunch. Just as one could expect from a café, but not from a staffing agency!

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Meet Frank Gielen: new managing partner @ Talent Peaks

We are happy to announce that Frank Gielen has joined our team as our third managing partner (along with our existing managing partner Stijn Vangenechten and Joram Timmerman), effective January 2018. Frank moves from Bullhorn/Connexys and therefore, he is already well known within Talent Peaks because of our strong partnership with them.

For the rest of the world; let us introduce Frank to you!

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Happy Holidays!

2017 is ending rapidly. Time to reflect and look forward at the same time. We are looking back on another amazing year filled with fun, growth and learnings.

Thank you all for your trust and partnership in 2017! 

Happy Holidays

Why your candidate journey is like mixing a cocktail

When we speak of the candidate journey, we actually mean: the complete cocktail of exposure and experience that a person has as a candidate, job seeker or even a referrer. And exactly that last element is one we easily forget. Most of the time, we consider the journey ended when the decision to hire the candidate has been made. But, nothing is less true. Every job seeker or candidate is a potential ambassador for your company. If you want to benefit from this fact, then it’s time to start improving your branding.

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How to become GDPR compliant? [Including Infographic]

When guiding your digital transformation, we are also aware of the importance of privacy and security regarding personal data. As you might know, the European Union will cover this topic with a new law as of May 25th, 2018, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

To help you understand the impact of GDPR, we shared our insights through a blog earlier this year. But understanding GDPR is not enough. Every organization dealing with personal data on some level is obligated to be compliant to the regulations set by the European Union by May next year. We urge you to take your responsibility and take the next step.
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Recap CO For It 17: Data, content marketing and GDPR combined

It’s been two weeks since CO For It, a great event organized by our partner Connexys by Bullhorn. Connexys organized this event specifically for their partners and customers. As you might know, Connexys is an applicant tracking system (ATS), built on the Salesforce platform. And naturally, as a collaborative partner of Connexys, we were present as well to share our insights on combining HR, recruitment and technology.

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Dreamforce: why attend as a small European Consulting Partner?

Why Dreamforce for Talent Peaks?

Dreamforce is with 170.000 attendees one of world’s largest IT events and organized by Salesforce for its customers, partners and other parties in the Salesforce ecosystem. Talent Peaks is a registered Salesforce Consulting partner and we were invited via our partner Whatfix.

Three reasons why Dreamforce is relevant for Talent Peaks:

  • Support our partner Whatfix to successfully engage with global customers and partners at Dreamforce.
  • Gain insights and knowledge about latest developments from Salesforce and the ecosystem.
  • Develop new and extend existing partnerships with Salesforce and its Software Vendors (ISV’s).

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Web analytics: attract, engage, convert, repeat!

The world of recruitment has truly transformed during the last few decades. We could easily establish that job seekers have become picky. Both because they should and because they can. Two changes in the job seeking business have been cause for a change in acquisition strategy:

(1) the shifting of power in the candidate’s favor.
(2) the migration of the job search to the World Wide Web.

This means that contemporary recruitment has become a game of influencing the behavior of real people in a vast digital world. And if you want to stay ahead of this game, web analytics – online People Analytics – will make a difference.

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Recap HR Tech Amsterdam 2017: Combining Talent & Technology

~Including 5 trends we spotted

It’s been almost two weeks since HR Tech Amsterdam took place. And we had the privilege to present ourselves with our own stand, right in the buzzing start-up section, at this great event. Our logo was even printed on the the wall at the start-up stage. We couldn’t be more proud!

We had two days to present ourselves and our partner Whatfix and it was exciting to be part of this innovative event where the newest technological developments within HR were unleashed.

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Working @Talent Peaks: growth, flexibility, rhythm and fun!

“There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish.”

These words were said by Warren Bennis, an American scholar and an early advocate for agile leadership and organizations. And we, at Talent Peaks, could not agree more. Like Bennis, we are convinced that great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them. Over the last year, Talent Peaks has grown from a dream into a reality: a team of consultants with each their own expertise in strategy, implementation and people analytics, bound together by a shared DNA. And we believe that this DNA truly makes a difference: for us as an organization and for our customers.

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Why you should come and meet Talent Peaks at CO For It 2017 on November 7th

We at Talent Peaks are proud to be a collaborative partner of Connexys (by Bullhorn), an applicant tracking system built within the Salesforce platform. Every year, Connexys organizes CO For It: a get-together for their partners and customers to discuss the convergence of HR, recruitment and technology. It is an event where you will get to see inspiring keynote speakers and participate in practical break-out sessions concerning various topics related to the contemporary world of HR and recruitment.

Meet us @ CO For It 17!

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Meet Talent Peaks at HR Tech World Amsterdam and discover Whatfix

Time for some very exciting news from us.

As a niche consulting partner for our customers, we are delighted to announce our attendance at the HR Tech World event in Amsterdam on October, 24th-25th.

Digital transformation is key in optimizing talent and user journeys. We are eager to demonstrate our expertise to HR leaders from around the world at HR Tech World and show them how we have helped our clients achieve this transformation.


Meet us there!

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Talent Peaks up-to-date with Organizational Design Training

At Talent Peaks, we believe training is key to stay up to date and help our customers optimize their talent and customer journey in the best way possible. That’s why our consultant Len van Poucke and myself participated in a really great training, conducted by Beanmachine.

For this particular training, Beanmachine succeeded in bringing together companies and people of different backgrounds. All with our own organizational challenges and desired change within our own companies.

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